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What precautions should I take to avoid coronavirus?

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Appeared in December 2019, the coronavirus caused thousands of deaths worldwide in less than a year. Although the virus is highly contagious, it is possible to avoid contracting it. Here are 5 ways to avoid contracting the virus.

Stay at home

The best way to avoid the virus is to stay home. Indeed, if you stay at home you will not be in contact with people can be infected with Coronavirus. This is why some countries such as France, Belgium, or Hungary have opted for containment. If you are in Hungary and you would like to know more about it, you can get more information on https://dailynewshungary.com/coronavirus-in-hungary-viktor-orban-announces-partial-containment-from-wednesday-11-11/  .

Washing your hands

Coronavirus is transmitted by simple physical contact. Therefore, if you are unable to stay at home, or if you come into contact with other people or objects, you may be infected. This is why you should wash your hands frequently. To do this, you can use soap and water, or simply use hydroalcoholic gel.

Avoid contact with others

If you don't stay at home, you will necessarily be in contact with the rest of the world. To avoid being contaminated, it is best to avoid all types of close contact. To this end, you should keep a certain distance from others and avoid groupings. It is also important to avoid shaking hands with others or kissing them.

Avoid touching your face

Coronavirus usually enters through the eyes, mouth and nose. That is why it is best to avoid touching your face. Even if you wash your hands very frequently, you may inadvertently touch a contaminated object. If this happens and you touch your face afterwards, you can contract the virus this way.

In case you feel the symptoms of Coronavirus, it would be ideal to choose to wear a mask and then go to a good health center. In this way, you will protect others.