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Covid-19 drugs that could limit fatalities were discovered

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Medications that could cut about 25% off deaths have been discovered by medical experts. This happened after a series of clinical trials that showed the potency of these drugs.

Two new drugs could reduce COVID-19 fatalities

This was put forward by health researchers who have had trials in NHS clinics. Supplies to these drugs can be found all over the UK, so in case they are needed urgently to save lives, they will be available. Presently, there are about 35,000 coronavirus patients in isolation centers and clinics all over the UK.


This is about 40% more than in October. The UK authorities are working extensively with pharmaceutical companies to make sure these drugs: Tocilizumab and Sarilumab remain available to everyone who needs it.


Aside from reducing the death rates, these medications increase COVID-19 patients recovery rate and increase the chance of critical patients to survive. These drugs appear to work effectively with another medication called dexamethasone. It is worthy to note that these drugs are not cheap though because they cost about £800 to £1,100 for each patient, you will ask to pay £6 for dexamethasone.

Statistics show the drugs save patients

Chief researcher Doctor Anthony Gordon who is a professor from Imperial College stated that for every 15 patients treated with these medications, you should expect about 2 to survive.


Stephen Powis who is the national health officer from NHS said it is good news that getting medications that can help fight against COVID-19 is a major boost to them. Also, the health and social secretary Matt Hancock stated that the UK has always shown to be ahead in medical development and innovation that could decrease COVID-19 mortality rates.


Explaining how the drug works, he says it reduces inflammation which can cause severe liver and lung damages. Medical practitioners have been advised to administer these drugs to patients whose other drugs don’t work on and when their cases keep deteriorating. Tocilizumab and sarilumab have been banned from exportation from now, due to obvious reasons.